Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The wonderful creative jewerly Ancient Egyption woman wore!

     The Egyptian women wore several  types of jewelry. To get started they wore a lotus flower the lotus flower was an important image in Egyptians jewelry. Pharaohs were cooled in the hot desert sun by servants who waved fans the collar of Neferuptah a twelfth Dynasty Princess no matter how hot it was. Also the jewelry was worn as a charm in the belief that it would keep the wearer safe for instance small children wore charms in their hair while swimming in the Nile River to prevent death by drowning. They jewelry was meant for different reasons it meant something it was not meant for fashion like we do today!


  1. Thats crazy how the small children wore charms while swimming in the Nile so they wouldn't drown. Kinda like a lifejacket but not as effective.

  2. why would they worri about drowning, all u can eat buffet for crocs, hippos, and piranas

  3. Why would They Swim in the First place ! They needa Drown if they Go in there lol ! ( HIPPOES )